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Certified eLearnSecurity Junior Penetration Tester (eJPT).

Co-author of this book. Ghost writer of hundreds of cybersecurity news summaries as well as dozens of infosec blog posts and research reports.

Security reserarcher at Vonahi Security. Check them out, they are doing some next-level stuff.

I dabble in Bash and Python, and I recently joined GitHub.

Erik Wynter in 11 words:

  • I protec
  • I attac
  • I hac
  • but most importantly
  • I infosec
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    We Want Brave

    Brave browser is awesome, but setting it up on the various Debian-based Linux systems I regularly use, was an utterly exasperating experience. It made me question my computer literacy, my decision to pursue a career in IT, my life choices in general, and even my sanity. But not for a single second did I doubt the superiority of Brave over alternative browsers. Hence, when I finally managed to slay the beast that was this excruciating installation process, I decided to share the wisdom I had acquired so as to spare others the anguish I suffered during this lonesome journey. From this solemn pledge was born We Want Brave, a script forged in the flames of frustration, despair and desire.

    TL;DR To make Brave browser more accessible to the (Debian-based) Linux community, I wrote a Bash script that automates the otherwise aggravating installation process.

    We Want Brave is available on my GitHub.

    This script has been successfully tested on the following distros:

  • Debian
  • Kali
  • Parrot Home
  • Parrot Security
  • Ubuntu
  • If you appreciate this project and you happen to have some spare BAT in your Brave wallet, you can tip either this website or my GitHub (or both if you want to spice things up).


    The design of this website was inspired by these legendary projects. The inverted mode functionality is based on this wonderful little project.